A special commemoration again this year. Again without a large audience and with only the board members of the Foundation and a few people who, at an appropriate distance, wanted to commemorate at the memorial stone of Régis.

This year the Flying Museum Seppe planned to do the Fly By to 20:02 hour. Unfortunately, the bad weather threw soot in the food and it had to be canceled. Jammer, but safety comes first.

Given the flowers and plants at the memorial stone, a large number of people had already visited today. Also when building up for the commemoration, a number of people passed by who still wanted to come to the memorial stone.

To 19:58 o'clock The Last Post sounded from the speaker box, two minutes of silence and then the national anthems. The flowers and wreaths were laid by me and the board of the Foundation.

And a Last Post from a speaker box sounds different than live. So Joyce also played the Last Post live and sent us a video of this. So I like to share this.

The wreaths were from the Régis Deleuze Foundation, Municipality of Heuvelrug and a flower arrangement by the Municipality of Bunnik. Furthermore, a beautiful flower arrangement was also laid down by the scouts of Luchtvaartgroep Zeist in the morning.

Thank you everyone who came by the memorial stone on the special memorial day and we'll see each other again next year!