A special commemoration this year without an audience with only the board members of the Foundation.

The day started with an interview for RTV Ytrecht. At the memorial stone with the eyewitness Mr. Schothorst. A nice interview and it was already quite busy at the memorial stone with passers-by and some who already came to lay flowers.

Foto Peter Lissenberg

Then we continued to prepare for the commemoration of 20:00 hour. Without an audience, that was a strange sensation. Also no Fly By from Vliegens Museum Seppe. Our trumpet player Joyce was not there, the 501 Squadron neither.

This is where people would normally gather at the entrance of De Laan, there it remained empty now. At the memorial stone we could see the planes of Vlliegens Museum Seppe flying around Werkhoven 19:50 hour. They held a nice memorial flight above one 14 municipalities.

And then it was 19:58 hours and The Last Post sounded from the speaker box, two minutes of silence and then the national anthems. The flowers and wreaths were laid by me and the board of the Foundation.

This year also a beautiful flower arrangement from the family and also the wreaths of the Foundation, Municipality of Heuvelrug and a flower arrangement by the Municipality of Bunnik.

We made a montage of the commemoration, because even though some people weren't together, we were still together separately at the time of the commemoration.

In the following film of the commemoration we have the planes of Vliegend Musem Seppe, The Last Post by Joyce and Mark Bisset with his “pipes” brought together in one image.

Thank you everyone who did come to the memorial stone on the special day of remembrance and we will see each other next year!