Parts of the diary of Regis

Regis kept from the moment he was kind of in service diary at. Of last memorandum is made on 25 February 1945, of day of his fatal last flight. This diary shall of increasingly supplemented coming weeks.

The diary begins with his flight hours;


20 december 1941 – 5 June 1942 = Tiger Moth* (only 60 hour dual 45 hour = total 105 hour)


1 August 1942 – 20 november 1942 = Airport Oxford

Medicine Has – Moosetotal 133 hour


12 June           leaves Paris
19 June           Arrived in Juéthary
24 June           St. Jean de Luz, departure midnight naar England


18 March 1st leave – op naar London
29 June              A.C.R.C. London- pupil pilot
17 July                I.T.W. Oxford
27 August     A.C.R.C. London – still in London
26 september 19 year!
08 October      I.T.W. Newquary Cornwall
01 december leave Haviland
20 december 1e crash– instructor injured


03 January      1and only flight in a Tiger Moth*
10 February    crash spinning op solo flight
18 febraury leaves hospital – go on leave (7 days)
18 april          limited E.F.T.S. – 15 days leave
05 June           6 days leave
11 June           Wilmslow
13 June           Glasgow
27 June           New york
28 June           Moncton – Canada
03 July 3 weeks leave – Ottawa
30 July            ga naar Medicine Hat
01 August   S.F.T.S. ( Service Flying Training School) Medicine Hat
26 August   1and only flight Oxford
20 september 1and night only flight
26 september 20 year!
24 October leaves Medecine Hat for 7 days off to Vancouver
03 december  wings diner
04 december  I have my wings received to 11.20 pm
07 december  farewell party in Ottawa
09 december  Arrived in Moncton
30 December wear my uniform officer for the 1st time –
Moncton will leave on 4-1-43.

6  June 1944

Last night, 5 June, one has let us know that we are appointed to cover the disembarkation, that this takes place morning. Stand up to 02.00 hour, then breakfast. The landing takes place from Havre to Bayeux and Cherbourg. But starting about 04.00 hour. A large number of ships and aircraft. Violent DCA. It returns to 05.45 hour, but the party goes on.

9 June 1944

We make several trips a day. All expires good.

14 June 1944

By the end of the mission, between Caen and Bayeux, my engine is not enough air mixture to achieve maximum speed and I ask permission to land on the landing strip of Regu-on-More. Grandiose reception, charming people and an orgy of Camembert cheese and cider ! Stroll through the village. Everyone gives me a warm welcome ! It was possible for me to write about my return to France all the pieces . . . in 4 year ! Moreover, I see France on a day that I do not know the back or that I might not have tried it know back ? This seems to me even more beautiful for France. Upon returning to base my comrades believe not determined (and for my part !) to my breakdown ! I delight to be here and especially that I'm good landed.

15 June 1944

Of C.O. (Commanding Officer, the commander of the unit) sends me on a special mission to Isigny to . . penalty to search…..

7 september 1944

My first leave in Parijs ! Arriving at Bourget, I go home in a pedicab. A meeting, too emotional to even describe ! After four years, it's good to see them again, to get such a reception ! God, what is it good to be together again. Everyone talking at the same time . . . someone said: “Life is bearable as long as you know that there is ‘somebody who cares for you’”. How true ! (Life is bearable as long as you know he someone you care for the. How where is that !) I see Paris from the same angle as new I've seen Normandy. The people are happy, but tense; the beautiful girls. The sounds, the joy, an unreal atmosphere in this liberated city. No warm water, no electricity, little transport. Life is very expensive here, really much more expensive than in England, but especially . . . everyone seems so happy !

17 december 1944

Great German press in Belgium (the counterattack in the Ardennes, at); that's life ! And I'm still here to hunt for the "doodle bug" ! I'm so excited to come into operations on the continent back. I try to put in my hunting unit there to add me all systems working. Men promises me many, but no results. Will the war end without that I can return to battle ?

Source: article: The "Big Show" Regis Deleuze, Tempest pilot in the RAF. AirMagazine no 7 March/april 2002. Translation: Annette Witte
Diary of Régis, owned by the cousin of Regis. The texts have been copied and posted on this page with the consent of the family
 * Tiger Moth, during the commemoration Flies he also a Tiger Moth in of Fly-By by Flying Museum Seppe at the memorial on 4 May