Régis is going to fight at age 17 17 jarige leeftijd

Régis ging op 17-jRégis DeleuzeArige age of the war in, to do something for his country.

On the day of the accident Regis had actually leave, but because there were not enough people to fly, He had made himself available.

According to the paper, this was his first flight to 274 Squadron. He took off from Volkel to 08.40 hour. Above Hahn says Regis having engine trouble and loses contact with his group. He probably wants to return and is shot by German FLAK. At Castle Beverweert he discovered fields and want to countries likely. Unfortunately hits his Hawker Tempest V trees and it crashes. From gravin, Castle in the lives Beverweert, hear the bang and thinks that the castle is under attack. The castle also Germans who reside part of the Castle as a command post have furnished. When the Countess notes that the impact in the fields is, she runs outside. Halfway through the lane for the castle, she discovers a driver sitting against tree. Regis did not know from his climbing gear, but did not survive the crash. The Germans arrived after the countess have all his papers burned, so one does not know how long the name of the pilot was.

One day before the accident, the mother of Regis received a letter, in which the following was:”No worries, I'm happy”All photographs you can see that the top button Regis has always loose. For him that a meaning:”G E L U K”



During the war Regis asked for gold. But because there was no gold for sale, his mother gave him the wedding rings from her husband and herself. Of these two gold wedding rings Regis has to make the vignette that he wore on his uniform a brooch. This brooch was wearing his mother used as a reminder and memorial to her son. His first flight the 274 Unfortunately squadron was the last of Regis, he was only 22 years old.

The first half year, the family did not know where Regis left. He was missing. wrakstuk van Regis' Hawker Tempst V
When told they were, the aircraft at Castle Beverweert crashed, they have placards bearing the picture of Regis, sent to Werkhoven.
The Countess zu Castell-Castell Mrs. could not remember what had happened to Regis.
Regis was first buried unidentified in the Protestant Cemetery in Werkhoven. motor van de TempestLater he was exhumed at the request of the French Red Cross, identified and reburied at the cemetery in front of his parents, a detachment of the Royal Air Force and the Mayor Werkhoven. Much later, the family of Regis dug him up again, and replaceSteen Evereoerd to Evere near Brussels, where he is buried.



Regis Charles Deleuze flew in a Hawker Tempest V EJ775. He was a lieutenant of the pilots of the Royal Air Force, fighter pilot, 274 Squadron, registratienummer 135504.
During his time at the 501 Squadron maakte Regis 8 V1 ‘s (flying bombs) harmless:
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model Hawker Tempest VSource: No Air Magazine 7, Maart/April 2002, articles Sergeant chef Georges Didier Rohrbacher “The “Grand Cirque” Régis Deleuze” Tempest driver in the RAF

Model Hawker Tempest Mk V made by Théophile