20150404_110028Saturday morning 4 April the exhibition “World War II in words and pictures” Military Museum opened in Tradition 't Schilderhuis in hong kong. Many interested parties were present and after an inspiring speech by Loek Caspers (fromij played in the 2nd world war an active role in the resistance to the Utrecht Ridge) and an official act opened the exhibition.

Besides many objects of Mrs. Caspers there is a place designed for the story of Régis Deleuze. The Foundation for this temporary exhibition a model of the Hawker Tempest. glass cockpit, debris and some pictures given.

You can visit the exhibition in 't Schilderhuis on Van Rijckevorselstraat 2 Driebergen. For more information and hours of 't Schilderhuis I refer you to the website of Museum Military Tradition' t Schilderhuis: schilderhuis.com