Record of Service: Régis Deleuze

Record of Service of Regis Charles DeleuzeSteen Evere

Date of Birth: 26 September 1922
Previous Service:

06.11.40: Enlisted Aircraftman Second Class
30.06.41: Remustered, under training Pilot Observer 13.12.41: Remustered, and reclassified Leading Aircraftman, Under training Pilot (2) 03.12.42: Discharged to commission


04.12.42: Granted emergency commission as Pilot Officer on probation (ex Leading Aircraftman) in the General Duties Branch of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 04.06.43: Promoted Flying Officer (war substantive) on probation 04.12.44: Confirmed in appointment, Promoted Flight Lieutenant (war substantive)

04.12.42: No.32 Service Flying Canada Supernumerarary pending Training School posting on appointment 05.01.43: No.7 Personnel Reception Centre Supernumerarary pending
posting for Advanced Flying Training 09.02.43: No.3(P) Advanced Flying Unit Advanced Flying Training 02.05.43: Station Uxbridge Supernumerarary pending Posting 11.05.43: No.5(P) Advanced Flying Unit S/E Conversion
29.06.43: No.57 Operational Training Unit 9 Group Operational Training
05.10.43: No.2 Central Training School 9 Group Operational Training
28.10.43: No.501 Squadron 11 Group Flying
11.02.45: No.274 Squadron 83 Group Flying super-numerary

25.02.45: Missing (Flying Battle)

25.02.45: Death presumed