20150420_131935In recent weeks Yvonne gave a lecture about Régis Deleuze on the primary Delteyk and the Werkhof in Werkhoven for groups 7 in 8.

The student sat attentively listening to the story of Yvonne and the pilot Régis and her search for information. At the end of the lecture there was an opportunity to look at the stuff that had taken Yvonne like wreckage, logo’s van het Squadron, foto’s en meer.

Then it was time for answering a dozen questions, want de leerling(and) with most questions correctly, got it, edited by Yvonne book: The story behind a stone.

There is also a poetry / story competition held on the theme of commemorating / freedom and the winner of this contest will 4 may recite this poem / story


20150420_132558 DSC01409