Remembrance Day 2014 074Memorial 4 May 2015

Preceded by a silent march from the entrance to the Avenue at Castle Beverweert in Werkhoven, is Monday 4 May at 20:00 hours a commemoration organized by the Regis Foundation Deleuze.


The program is as follows:
19:40 hour: silent procession to the monument
19:58 hour: Last Post
20:00 hour: Two minutes Asked
20:02 hour: Fly Past Vliegend Museum Seppe *
20:05 hour: National anthems
20:15 hour: seal

* The weather could not allow it, then the Fly Past will not continue

This year there is a representation of the 501 Squadron present!

You are hard welcome to this memorial at to live. If you come by car, like putting your car as much as possible in the side of the road and not on the grounds of Castle Beverweert. Thanks for your cooperation