4 May 2013 commemoration 012Of memorial on 4 mei was weather very special. The gate of the avenue at Castle Beverweert gathered around seven thirty the first people. The Regis Foundation Deleuze the torches of the Foundation were 4 in 5 May is distributed. The interest in the memorial at the memorial of Regis Deleuze, however, was overwhelming causing a flare was unfortunately not available to everyone.

Joyce van Baak

The Last Post Matches by Joyce van Baak

Around 19:48 hours left the audience in a silent procession to the memorial where a guard of honor of the volunteer fire van Werkhoven was ready. Just consider for the Last Post was played by Joyce van Baak and then followed the two-minute silence.

To 20:02 hours was heard in the distance the engine roar of the planes of the Flying Historical Museum Seppe. With five aircraft came they over of slab flown.

Vliegend museum seppe

Fly By Vliegend Museum Seppe

This was followed by the national anthems of Netherlands, France and England.

After the national anthems, the flowers were laid by the audience and was a speech held by Yvonne and the deputy mayor of Bunnik Jorrit Eijbersen.

Yvonne van den Brink

Deputy Mayor of Bunnik Michael Eijbersen

Everyone weather thanks for their collaboration to he a successful memorial of to make: Joyce van Baak, Vliegend Museum Seppe, of voluntary fire department Bunnik, Knack for of music in Tineke for of floral

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