Preceded by a silent march from the entrance to the Avenue at Castle Beverweerd in Werkhoven, is Saturday 4 May at 20:00 Hour organized by the Remembrance Day Foundation Regis Deleuze.

The program is as follows:
19:45 hour: silent procession to the monument
19:58 hour: Last Post
20:00 hour: Two minutes of silence
20:02 hour: Fly Pass Flying Museum Seppe *
20:05 hour: National anthems of the Netherlands, France and United Kingdom
20:08 hour: lay wreaths and flowers
20:15 hour: speeches
20:25 hour: end of program

* The weather could not allow it, the Fly Pass will not continue. This will only just be known for the commemoration.


  • Bunnik: Michael Eijbersen
  • 501 Squadron
  • Vliegend Museum Seppe
  • Fire brigade Werkhoven
  • Scouting: Aviation Group Zeist
  • Tino de Jong (sound), Joyce van Baak (Last Post) Marchal and Tent (aggregate)

For those present in wheelchairs: You can use the prioritizing available. There are also seats available if you can not stand too long! Please ask the organization for more information.

You are cordially invited to attend this commemoration.

Let op! If you come by car, like your car as much as possible into the side of the road and not on the grounds of Castle Beverweert. White can also ensure that the road remains as free as possible. It is on this road many (bicycle)traffic and this we should of course not interfere. Please follow the instructions of our traffic attendants.

Thanks for your cooperation

501 squadron
501 Squadron is also present again
Remembrance Day Régis Deleuze
Flowers after the commemoration on 4 May