Where to find a girl of about one year memorial?

My first attempt at the town of Driebergen-Rijssen Burg and Bunnik. Unfortunately no information. I try it with the Foundation 1940 – 1945. Again, no success. Then I get a tip from someone who told me that I must informational honor at the National Archives in Utrecht. I send them a letter and get some time later an envelope with some documents that can help me further. Meanwhile, I came into contact with Mr Harzing, historian of Driebergen, and through him I get the first information.
“On the evening of 25 February 1945 we heard the evening a plane that happened with a lot of noise in south-west thundered over our house. A count of ten after a deafening blast and then……….Asked.
The next day we heard in the village that was shot down near Werkhoven Allied aircraft by a German plane. The next Sunday we are going to look there. It appeared to have happened in the south-eastern driveway Castle Beverweert. There were still a few pieces of the aircraft. Of rest was reeds deported

January: The documents from the National Archives, I find the name of the pilot and the aircraft. Even the registration of him and of the plane. Where he is bury. First in Werkhoven and later he was transferred to Evere Brussels. At the place where the plane hit the ground first if they have a memorial placed.
I'm trying to make copies of my book and send it to the mayor of the city to get more information about Regis.Mr Harzing
July: 22 July, we received notice that Mr. Harzing is deceased. Mr. Harzing was historian of Driebergen-Rijsenburg and through him I got the first information about the crash.December: After a phone call from me to the Royal Air Force if they had more information for me, I receive message from Mr Zwanenburg. He sends me drawings, pictures and information of the Hawker Tempest V where Regis flew.
Now I have information that Regis was stationed (at Volkel Air Base) and what time the crash was (11.00 morning).
My family and I have been invited by Colonel Cool of the Royal Air Force to come to the War Museum in Soesterberg.
Still, I'm curious if there are people living who know the whole story of Régis. I read in the newspaper an article about the old-Mayor Werkhoven, Mr.. v.d. Weijer; he is now 83 year. I'll call him for an appointment, maybe he can tell me more.
I would also like to know if there are any family of Regis. I get the phone number of the Countess zu Castell Castell, who lived at the time of the crash at the Castle Beverweert. This castle is near the place where Régis crashed. Maybe she knows more, I let her call for an appointment.
Of first appointment with the countess. She tells me that she still has contact with the mother of Regis. When they were both young, they visited together on Christmas memorial. But the mother of Regis is now too old to travel so far. They lives somewhere In Frankrijk. Could I meet her? According to the countess not, because she wants to keep the memory of her son for herself. That is even Slikken, but I understand it. Now his mother can not bring flowers more I will do it for her.
1980, 35 years ago
January: I is geinterviewd by the lord Vineyard. My story get published in a special issue of the liberation of the Netherlands. I receive a lot of responses, including the age of the-Mayor of Driebergen-Rijsenburg, Mr. Van Boetzelaar. He tells me that he had visited a few years ago by Baron Jean van de Bosch. The baron visited the Netherlands for his work and was staying near the memorial.
He was walking and walked past the memorial. When he saw the name, he discovered that his family was. Then he has written with the old-mayor.
These documents were all filed in the archives of the municipality. I did not know how fast I had to go to the town of Driebergen, but finally I have the documents I was looking for. And information with an address of a familielid.Mei: This year's 35 years since World War 2 ended. Hence, it was celebrated with a special party 5 May. My father has for me a Hawker Tempest V made. Many people give me compliments on my father and this particular building.
And the parade committee rewarded with a 1st plaats.Naar following the publication in the special supplement of the Liberation, I receive a response from Mr Van Aartsen who had taken a picture of the first memorial.
After going through the archives of Driebergen-Rijssen Burg documents could see, I had the address of the Baron of Bosch, Commissioner of the King of Belgium. I write him a letter in which I expanded input on my quest and I ask him if I can send some questions about Regis him a letter. I receive a letter back from his wife in which she writes that he is traveling abroad, but I can send my questions have already letter. She also writes that the mother of Regis is still alive and that she will be about my story impressed.
She'd Regis’ mother to inform you of my verhaal.Na receipt of the reply, I of course immediately tried my letter with questions on the post. What an excitement; Regis’ mother would hear me. How would they react? I do not know, we wait. First send my questions to the Baron and wait for his answer.
Was Régis of some son? Where is he just bury? Can I come once to the grave?
Is it possible to get a picture of Regis?
In, If possible,, also a picture of his mother? And of course a photo of you and your wife?
How would they react, I'm very curious, Let afwachten.Ondertussen I get from the Secretary of the Town Driebergen a call. I is Prince Bernhardinvited to attend the unveiling of the monument commemorating two resistance fighters. They were killed by the Germans 28 november 1944. Their name: Frank and Paul Bijnen Esmeyer. (Read more about Frank and Paul, click here) Disclosure would be made by His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard. That was exciting, I would meet the Prince and he could see my books on my quest. Read more about my encounter with Prince Bernhard, click here

1981, a very special year
In the beginning of the year I have an appointment with Mrs. Van Bijnen, Frank's widow, one of the resistance fighters. She has much to say about Frank and Paul, and she gives me documents and a photo of Frank. If you want to know more about Frank and Paul click and here.
In April I finally get the long awaited letter from the Baron with answers to my questions! He even sent a picture of the mother of Regis. Régis was not an only child, he had a sister, married to the Count de Guenyveau. They have a daughter and a son. The son just got married and he and his wife are planning to come to visit! Friday 16 April the lord's Guenyveau and his wife visited Gratianne. It is a cozy meeting and they tell me about the respect that the mother of Regis and the family of my quest, and the work I had done so far in memory of son, bridges a family. They are thrilled that there are still people who keep alive the memory of Regis. We go to the memorial stone and it is a very special moment for their, because for the first time they see where Regis was killed. In parting, they tell me that they have everything to Regis’ mother will vertellen.Aan the end of April, I get a letter from Josselin and Gratianne the Guenyveau which they write about their feelings when they visited me and the memorial. They told everything Regis’ mother and they think they will write me a letter itself!!!
And indeed, a few days later I receive a letter from the mother of Regis. She describes her feelings for me. They will send some pictures of Regis and the first memorial.
In the letter you can read that she is emotional about the fact that I have so much work done in memory of her son, and what he has done for us during the war.
On Friday 8 May, I get a call from the nephew of Regis. The mother of Regis in Antwerp for a funeral and plans to travel to Driebergen to bezoeken.Ik I'm speechless, after four years of information gathering, I would finally meet his mother.
The next day the mother of Regis arrives and we talk a lot about Regis. She gives me a lot of information about him.
She told me that she wants to give that also gave me a brooch to her Regis. (Of “wings” of the R.A.F.) This was a touching moment after so many years to get for what you have done an award in this way. Or as the cousin said Regis:
“All in all it is a fairy tale”