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Regis Deleuze; Ad Astra by Arduin

In 1977 I discovered, Yvonne Jager 10 years old, a memorial Régis Deleuze near Castle Beverweerd to Werkhoven. I was very curious why this memorial standing here and what happened.

It was a very nice story with lots of highlights what is still going through.

You can read about my story after I discovered the memorial. I have o.a. his mother, family,Piloten colleague, Prince Bernhard and many many others met. We are now 45 years later, I am married to John van den Brink and moved to Veenendaal. I still take care of the memorial Regis. There is a book true to my story about my quest and I have a foundation established for the maintenance and preservation of Régis' memorial.

Also visit other pages, they are full of information on Régis Deleuze, but other brave men who fought for our freedom.

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We can and will never forget what they have done for us.