This year there will be no commemoration as we are used to on 4 May. Public memorial services are not allowed this year and therefore the commemoration has been canceled.

However, our friends at Vliegens Museum Seppe are going on a special commemorative flight 4 May.

You will find more information about this below:

In the evening of Monday 4 May 2020, during National Remembrance Day, historical aircraft from the Flying Museum Seppe perform a special commemorative flight.

Because public memorial services are unfortunately canceled this year, the "Memorial Flight" comes to the people. An alternative route has been made in consultation with various municipalities and organizations, allowing residents to see the formation flying overhead. As a flying tribute to all fallen pilots.

The formation consists of a Boeing Stearman, Piper Super Cub and a DHC-1 Chipmunk. The Stearman biplane trained numerous American pilots in World War II. Not 75 years after the liberation, this plane also symbolizes every major challenge, acting jointly, to enter and overcome.

The flight starts at Breda International Airport and follows the route:

  1. 19:14 Papendrecht
  2. 19:32 Ameide
  3. 19:34 Meerkerk
  4. 19:35 Nieuwland
  5. 19:36 Leather pants
  6. 19:38 Hi, Boeicop
  7. 19:40 Lexmond
  8. 19:42 Vianen
  9. 19:43 Hagestein
  10. 19:45 Schalkwijk
  11. 19:49 Werkhoven
  12. 19:54 Everdingen
  13. 19:55 Zijderveld
  14. 19:56 Schoonrewoerd
  15. 19:58 Leerdam (of 20:02 at the exit on the way)

In addition, a Piper Cub will be on behalf of the Flying Museum Seppe and Wings to Victory 19:15 u above Vianen and om 20:02 you fly above Oosterhout.

Follow the Flying Museum Seppe Facebook of Twitter for last minute updates on the day.

Follow the planes from approx 19:00u live via:

Flying Museum Seppe is a historical aviation museum, located at Breda International Airport (Seppe). The collection consists of more than 10 flightworthy aircraft with an average age of 72 year.
The annual commemorative flight is since 2009 performed by museum pilots.

The flight is partly made possible by Breda International Airport this year, the municipalities of Vijfheerenland, Wooden, Papendrecht and the Orange Committee Papendrecht and the 4-May Committee Papendrecht.

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