Remembrance Day 2014At the entrance of the avenue opposite Castle Beverweert the first people arrived around half past eight together for Remembrance Day in Werkhoven. In a silent procession moved toward the memorial of Regis Deleuze on the avenue opposite Castle Beverweert.

Also at of slab were to the visitors present. Net als previous year had of Foundation Regis Deleuze of freedomtorches of of Foundation 4 in 5 May for of visitors. This time 200 pieces. And this year proved this number not be sufficient. What a great turnout!

To 19:58 hour, the Last Post is played by Joyce van Baak and after the impressive two-minute silence came the aircraft Flying Museum Seppe on. This remains a special moment during the commemoration at the memorial Regis Deleuze.

Joyce van BaakVliegens Museum SeppeFire Department Werkhoven





This was followed by the national anthems of Netherlands, France and England. And after the national anthems was the opportunity to lay flowers at the memorial of Regis Deleuze down.

Michael EijbersenRemembrance Day 2014 046Remembrance Day 2014 047





There was also a speech held by Yvonne and the deputy mayor of Bunnik Jorrit Eijbersen.

Thank you all again for their cooperation to make it a successful commemoration of it: Joyce van Baak, Vliegend Museum Seppe, the volunteer fire brigade Werkhoven, Tino for music and Tineke for flowers

Below are some pictures of the memorial.

20140504_190847 20140504_201901 Remembrance Day 2014 011 Remembrance Day 2014 015 Remembrance Day 2014 034 Remembrance Day 2014 055 Remembrance Day 2014 074